Where do you fall? The Curve of Technology Adoption!

Written by: Ryan Glushkoff

If you’ve read Diffusions of Innovations, then you’ve probably heard the terms innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards used to reference how people adopt technology. Or you may have seen them together in a what is commonly known as a “Roger’s Curve”. Continue reading

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Fishing in The Talent Pool – Do You Have the Right Bait?

Last week’s #PeopleChat got us thinking. When we asked the question “What is your biggest struggle right now in HR/Recruiting?”, the overwhelming responses was talent. Some companies are growing too fast to keep up with hiring demands, while others are still struggling to find the “right fit” candidate instead of someone just looking for a job – any job.

Based on this, we dare to ask:  while searching for the best candidates from your talent pool, are you using the right bait? Continue reading

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How to Market Yourself in an Inteview

By: Emily O’Hanlan

As part of Generation X, I am constantly being told that I will have a least 5 different careers in my lifetime.  That’s not 5 different jobs, but potentially 5 different CAREER changes.  With all this talk of change the first thing that comes to my mind is … (insert scary music) dun da dun da dunnnn, INTERVIEWING!  Interviewing can either be your greatest downfall or your greatest strength depending on your ability to market yourself properly during the interview process.  As a Corporate Recruiter I have literally seen and heard all sorts of things during interviews, some interesting, some awesome and some just downright embarrassing.  Considering that my Generation is facing so much change and potentially a large number of interviews, I think it is my duty to impart some knowledge on how to best market yourself during a job interview. Continue reading

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Discover Inefficiencies in Your Hiring Process

Eighty percent of companies indicate that finding high quality talent is a difficult challenge. According to AMR Research, a consumer will abandon your brand after approximately 2.3 negative experiences. High Quality Talent = Good Customer Experience, which results in Customer Loyalty!

Continue reading

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HR It’s Time To Get Scrappy!

We’ve heard all about the trends, what we should be doing, how to have a successful HR department. But now what? How do we actually implement it? Let’s say we are a part of the many HR Directors that don’t have a lot of support or budget. It’s time to get scrappy and creative. Think like an entrepreneur. What do you need most to get your HR department going in 2014? Continue reading

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