Game Changers’ Series v1.3- ReadyForce

Written by Cat Carlos, Quotes courtesy of Alex Mooradian. Interview conducted by Bryan Wempen.

“It’s kind of like speed dating for the recruiting world,” said Schuster

It’s no secret that unemployment is a serious issue right now. It has been for a few years. College graduates are among the many that are struggling to find jobs. I can attest to this since I graduated college in 2009, one of the worst times to search for a job. It’s becoming more difficult to just submit a resume to a company and get an interview.

This month’s game changer series is on a company that is changing the way college graduates find jobs. Readyforce is a small Silicon Valley startup that focuses on a creative way to match college graduates with companies.  The road hasn’t been straight or easy for this startup; it has been a series of pivots and re-works on the business model.  This goes way back, going back to conversations, ideas and conclusions that Alex had formulated 10+ years ago as an analyst, tracking the staffing/temporary industry for a private equity firm.  Alex is a great example of “if you think you can do it better, then go do it and quit talking about it”.

10 years ago while researching and working as an analyst in the staffing industry he decided that the current model needed to improve. He left a career on the east coast moved back to the San Francisco area and started a staffing firm.  This has integrated all the way into what Readyforce is today.

Why did Alex see the need to start Readyforce?

“There is a shocking disconnect in the market today, more than 12 million people are out of work and over 3.7 million jobs are open and available. Clearly there is a fundamental disconnect in the market between how people and jobs are finding each other.”

There are tons of smart, capable, hungry students graduating college who are ready to work and companies that want to hire them. But how do they find each other. What if you are a small company that can’t afford to travel from campus to campus to recruit students? Readyforce is finding a way to use social media, crowdsourcing, and technology to bridge the gap between companies and students.

Students have a challenge that many others do not, mostly geographical challenges. They are either attending a school in a small job market or attending a school in a place they don’t want to live in forever. Students also enter the job market with very little work experience. Resumes don’t represent the students well and their creative ability. That is where Readyforce is great, they use creative avenues, profiles, and videos to really attract companies to students’ personalities and get them noticed.

LinkedIn is a great tool to network, no doubt. But it’s more a job seeker tool for the white-collar workforce; they haven’t found a way to really tap into the student network. That’s where Alex comes in. “Think of it as LinkedIn with video, but for students.” This statement that Alex said was really profound. Every generation is different in their job searching techniques. College students’ set of problems is different than what you would find for professionals that have been working for 10 plus years. It makes sense that not everyone will use the same tactic to job hunt, it just won’t work.

One of the differences with Readyforce and other tools is that they have deep rich data on college students. Recruiters have the ability to browse through resumes, videos, and fun student profiles to find a fit for their organization.

Readyforce has over 330 companies signed up on the system recruiting students, and that number is just going to increase. Companies love the idea of being able to recruit from colleges all over the nation without having to fly to each different one. This is now a more efficient way to recruit and screen the candidates you want to interview.

Why do students like this tool?

It’s no secret that students are being bombarded with social tools right now. Everyone wants Gen Y to use the latest and greatest thing. What Readyforce has tried to do is make sure that they offer something to students that they really need and have never been offered before. The “RF” profiles are unique, showcase their personality, creativity and specifically caters’ only to students.

It all comes back to data. Whoever has the data will win the battle for the solution to any problem; basically data represent

s answers to whatever questions are asked. Recruiters and hiring managers want to see the data on students and vice versa. Students have the opportunity to see companies that are using a cool tool such as Readyforce and know that they are cutting edge. Alex and his team are constantly asking themselves if they are gathering what the hiring managers need. “We really feel like video is where it’s at, not just a video interview, but a two way conversation to showcase the students’ personality and creativity. With the two-person communication in a video it allows you to work off the social/verbal cues and be more natural. That’s what people want to see.”

What’s the bottom line? Readyforce is changing the way students find jobs. They have quality rich data that no one else has and a crowdsource video model that will deliver high engagement from students.  Students aren’t going to keep up with 10 different social profiles to find a job. They want one place that will guarantee great success.

Here’s what a client and student has to say about Readyforce:

“Readyforce lets me search for candidates w

ith the job criteria I have and then click on the candidate video, which is totally different from a resume,” said John Schuster, vice president of engineering at SnapLogic. “It allows me to see nonverbal communication and personality.”

“Finding the right opportunity is no longer a black hole of submitting hundreds of resumes and crossing your fingers that it’ll land somewhere that’s a good fit,” said hired college student Sushant Bhadkamkar from New York University.

“I used to send out applications to companies, but I would never hear back from them,” said Bhadkamkar, a 25-year-old graduate student of New York University. His dream is to work for a startup in California.

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