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Technology. We love it, we hate it, we can’t live without it. We now use technology more than ever to recruit, retain, and measure how we are doing as companies and employees. Employers are becoming more transparent on social media sites allowing feedback from customers, past employees, and more. But even with all the technology are we improving our candidate experience? Some companies are and doing a great job at it. Maybe the others don’t care as much, but here are some interesting things we discussed in #peoplechat this week with our awesome co-host @williamtincup!

Q1: What will the HR technology platform look like in 2020? What will be the major differences from today?

A common theme I saw was mobile. Mobile will become more prevalent in recruiting, assessments and the workplace in general. Processes will be more automated, efficient and there will be more use of metrics. But my favorite answer was our from our co-host:

“More about predictive… meaning, HR technology should be more than dumb databases… it should give us insight…” – @WilliamTincup

Technology can’t take away the human component of HR. We should be using the tools to provide better insight into how we think and work to improve.

Q2: What will it take for HR to say, “this is the candidate experience”, no diverting! Like: @QuikTripJobs @wholefoods @zappos

There is no argument that there are some companies out there who are nailing candidate experience. They have great processes and treat their candidates and customers like gold. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task, but they have stuck to their guns and it works for them. Some of the answers surprised me but also got me thinking in a different way than I have before. Maybe other companies aren’t doing it all wrong; maybe it’s just what works best for them. But a common theme we did have across the board was: change has to start from the top down, be true to your company values, and figure out how to retain your top talent. A very popular answer came from a new guest this week:

“I still like the concept of “hire for attitude, train for skills.” – @JohnRichardBell

I agree with that philosophy. Of course you need a certain amount of skills for certain jobs, but if what they are missing can be taught, and they have a great attitude and fit in your culture, then you have a great hire.

Q3: Is mobile a distraction in the evolution of HR technology or is it a complete re-definition?

Everyone agreed in this discussion that mobile is necessary but can be a distraction. We need to continue meeting people where they are, in their environments. Virtual offices are becoming more prevalent, but don’t forget how valuable face time can be for your company and team.

“Mobility requires balance, especially in HR.” -@Andrea_Jenkins

Thank you to everyone who participated in #peoplechat this week and special thank you to our co-host William Tincup! We will be back next week. Same time and place! Join us for 30 minutes of rapid fire discussion on the lifecycle of HR!

For the full transcript of the chat click here!

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