#peoplechat recap Apr 24 | Creative Thinking

Creativity is one of my favorite topics. It has been a huge discussion lately with Gen Y entering the workforce and wanting to be involved in creativity and culture. I attended the Oklahoma State HR Conference this week and all of the keynote speakers actually talked about this subject as well. The Keynote speakers this year were the best I have heard and so inspiring.

#Peoplechat last week had an amazing co-host who brought great insight to the discussion! Chloe from @sodexocareers! If you missed the chat, here is a recap of what we discussed.

Some of my favorite responses:

1.  What does creativity look like in the workplace & how do you use it to your advantage?

Robin Schooling: Creativity = unleashing (and encouraging) opptys for people to dream and think; place and time

SodexoCareers: Creativity in the workplace involves openness to new ideas, sharing of best practices and allowing innovation to thrive

2. What’s the process to foster a creative work environment? Do you set limitations?

Dustin Haverkamp: Involve people from other departments and work together not against one another – bust up the silos!

Barb Buckner: Start with upper mgmt setting the tone that we WANT people to be creative and share ideas…and open the door

3. How do you change/improve an org. that talks innovation/creativity but doesn’t walk the walk?

HRologie: if you want to see a more creative environment in your workplace- step up to the plate and YOU take action, others will follow.

Buzz Rooney: Plan, map ideas from start to finish. Remove the excuses and reasons to say “no”. In time, they will shift. Not easy

Everyone in the chat had great answers. I love that a lot of HR pros are already on this new creativity wave of allowing employees to foster creativity and whiteboard during the day! Don’t make employee’s sit at their desk all day, allow them to get around, communicate and brainstorm. Thanks everyone for a great chat, catch #peoplechat again May 1st at 12:30 pm CST!

Check out the full #peoplechat discussion here!

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