#peoplechat recap May 22 | Don’t be an “Us vs. Them” Culture!

Teamwork, collaboration, cross training and leadership. These are just some of the words that came up in yesterday’s #peoplechat where we were discussing tribalism and how to banish the “Us vs. Them” culture in organizations. Too many departments within companies are always working against each other, how is that productive? We can find ways to work together and achieve the common goal.

One topic we discussed a lot was collaboration. I love this word because it represents so much. We should  energized and inspired when we get to collaborate with team members, supervisors, other companies, creative thinkers, our networks, etc. Collaboration is how you grow. Learning to collaborate with others can open your mind to new possibilities and expand your creative genius. Allow your employees to collaborate with other departments often.

Here’s the recap:

Q1: Have you experienced tribalism in the workplace? Did you do anything to stop it?

Lalli Reese: HR tends 2b on the “them” side of department’s lists. “HR made us do this” “HR won’t let us have fun.” “don’t say that, hr”

Bryan Wempen: I’m going the other way on this. I had to encourage and create tribalism to break a toxic culture. Angels versus Demons.

Q2: How can we train teams and managers to work together instead of against each other and banish this mentality of us vs. them?

Buzz Rooney: Process mapping, 360 feedback on performance side. Special projects across “tribes”, trading places activities.

Tom Bolt: Brainstorming between conflicting “tribes” with an impartial referee. No right or wrong answers and everyone has input.

Q3: What does everyone think about team-performance review, team-compensation, and team-everything?

Lalli Reese: In perfect world, collaboration = team vibe = results. But I think most successful usually can power their way thru any situation.

Crystal Miller: I think a different slant to the “team review & team rewards” is to have the team involved w/reviewing their own progress.

Take a look at your organization. Are you allowing tribalism to go on, or are you making an effort to stop it and encourage departments to work together? Click here for the full #peoplechat! Thanks to everyone who participated and special thanks to our co-host Lalli Reese!

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