#peoplechat recap May 8 | Corporate Alumni Networks

Hire for talent, anticipate growth and develop your employees

There has been a lot of talk lately around talent communities, recruiting, retaining top performers and having a great corporate culture. One thing that I feel a lot of HR departments don’t think through, is what happens when some of your all-star employees leave? Do you shun them immediately from your company, never talk to them again, and write them off? Sure, it hurts when great people leave. We all get a little offended, but bottom line, it’s unrealistic to think employees will stay at your company forever. Just doesn’t happen anymore.

We are pushing employees to be more talented, grow faster, learn more, so what can we expect when they get a better opportunity, or out grow your company? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Organizations should be developing, training, and encouraging employees to be the best they can be at that time. I understand recruiting is hard and a lot of companies hire for longevity. I agree that can be an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the only factor. Let’s hire for talent, anticipate growth, and have a succession plan to retain top talent.

If they leave, then what better way to stay in touch, then a corporate alumni network? This was an exciting topic for #peoplechat this week. I have heard of these groups, but did not know a lot about them. I was convinced what a great idea they were after the chat. It can increase brand awareness, reputation, referrals, and more. Anytime a previous employee can refer someone else to your organization and say positive things, then that alone is worth it.

Here is a quick recap in case you missed it!

Q1: Do you hire candidates who you know will bring great talent, but possibly out grow your org in 2-3 years?

Barb Buckner: Most managers hire based on the “now” needs…cultivate a new hire and they will stay longer & help develop long-term ideas.

Josh Rock: Yes, it’s better to grow now and work to retain them than not grow at all.

Q2: Have you ever worked for a company where you quit and were blacklisted? How did you recover?

Tom Bolt: Blacklisting former employees is a sign of a culture that is not employee oriented in the first place.

Kimberly Roden: why wouldn’t mgrs be happy for fresh blood? Of course, ramping up! Heaven forbid companies invest in ppl.

Q3: Do you have a corporate alumni network? Do you agree/disagree with the concept?

Chris Havrilla: Great concept – just needs to be led, managed, nurtured with something in it for both the company and the alums

Karleen Harp: All employers have pros and cons, getting honest insight from Alumni can improve cultural fit / retention of new hires

Thank you to everyone who participated in the chat this week and special thanks to our co-hosts Kimberly Roden and Dwane Lay…you both ROCK!

Catch the full recap here!

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